Email Notifications stopped working after update to v04.04.01-112

Ever since I updated My Cloud to the above version, I am not getting any notification email. It was working before the update.

Tried restart the unit…
Tried delete, restart and re-enable the email notification settings…
Tried to add other email recipient…

Test email was received successfully to all recipients.

Please advise.

If you have tried restarting the unit and re-configuring E-mail notifications to no avail then perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Not sure what type of e-mail you are expecting?

“Test email was received successfully to all recipients.”

I get e-mails if my home network goes down or if for whatever reason it’s having a hard time.
When I rebooted it, I also got an info e-mail.

Problem solved.

You may ignore message below.

Call me stupid but I am just puzzled.
Tried to follow Trancer’s advice, was about to create a case via the link mentioned. I loaded up MyCloud config page in order to find the device’s serial number… for no apparent reason I decided to re-boot the device one more time (had done that many times over last few days)… and suddenly my mail box alert pop up a message, notifying me that an email arrived (“system restarted” notification from the device…)…

I did not change any setting… I went back to double check my mail box and absolutely sure I had not received any notification from the device over the last two weeks (ever since after the update).

This morning, I tried again unplug and re-plug the network cable, to simulate a network down, and the notification message arrived ok… so everything seems back on track… but I just don’t know why?