Additional Power Alerts

I have a PR4100 running on a boat dual power supplies, one supply is from the shore power, the other from the ships batteries.

If the shore power fails the PR4100 sends me an email alert - which is really good, the ships power will continue for about 4 days which gives me time to come and sort out any issue. However usually the issue sorts itself within an hour and the power returns, unfortunately I don’t know if the power has returned as there is no way to tell from the UI and no alert when the power returns (which would be the best solution.)

Does anyone know of a way to get the PR4100 to send an alert when the power returns? or a way of getting the PR4100 to send an alert for any other reason?

Many thanks…

Hi charliepsycho,

You have to download the WD Access in order to get the alerts for My Cloud on your computer.

Please refer to the link given below.

Yes, I’ve used WD Access, but that still doesn’t create an alert for when power is restored, which is what I need :slight_smile: