PR4100 Tries to update firmware daily

I now have two PR4100 32TB boxes. Every day when I bring up my Windows 10 system I get notifications that new firmware is being downloaded, then being installed, then successfully installed, then the system is (supposedly) shutting down. This happens for each machine and the system number at the end is the same as the one that is currently installed, 2.31.174. Eventually I get a warning that my first box is over 95% full. I bought the second box because of that warning and have moved half of the data from my first box to the second, and dashboard confirms this. So the warning is bogus. Somehow the fact that I had nearly filled my first server has been remembered, but the current state of both boxes is being ignored.

While the notifications are appearing on my desktop there is no sign from the boxes that anything is happening. I was seriously alarmed when the “system is shutting down” message appeared, but nothing actually happened. Both servers appear to be unaffected by this flurry of notifications, so I am finally convinced that this is all just notifications. It’s like a cache of notifications is being dumped, repeatedly.

Does anybody know where these notifications are coming from? This isn’t happening generally with notifications on my system, and it started when I got the second PR4100.

I tried the trick of powering down the boxes, pulling the power plug, and then powering the boxes back up. I changed automatic firmware updates to one day a week, then turned it off altogether. No change, but if this is a matter of the notifications being resent, with nothing actually happening in the boxes, this is unsurprising.

Any theories? This doesn’t appear to do any harm, but it’s irritating. Has anybody else experienced this?