PR2100 (JBOD) 2 Bays (6TB each) today missing VOLUME_1

I have recently purchased (last month) a WD MyCloud PR2100…it has 2 Bays (6 TB WD Red HDD each) formatted as JBOD and I use it to run as a Plex Server. Most of the time it works great however there have been to occasions now (like this morning) when I log into my Plex and find the PR2100 is not available.

When I check the DashBoard it only shows Volume_2 on the “Home Screen” and under “Storage” (Raid Menu). But, If I select “Drive Status” it shows both Drive 1 and Drive 2. I am able to run “Disk (quick) Test” and both drives are successful. “System Test” also passed…if I run “Scan” it only shows Drive 2.

I believe last time I reformatted the drives and downloaded everything back to Drive 1(volume_1)…I would appreciate if someone could tell me why this might be happening and how I can get Drive 1 back without reformatting each time.

Thank you and Help would be greatly appreciated.

Just a follow-up question: I think I should purchase a “UPS” for the sole purpose of shutting down the NAS when the next power outage happens. However, I have no experience with them. Will a UPS have the ability to shut down my PR2100 in an orderly fashion ? -thx again

Hello cgallagh44,

If after running the test the drive is not working as expected then I would suggest you to contact WD Support for better assistance.

Refer the link provided below for contact information.