Volume 1 Full

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could please get some help with my PR2100 20TB HD I just bought.

I’ve just purchased the new unit and completed the following:

  • Update firmware
  • Change raid to JBOD (2x10TB)
  • Install Plex app
  • Start to upload my videos

I’ve hit 10TB HD full on the dashboard with 9.96TB being free but have the following error when trying to add new movies “Not enough disk space to copy…” and asking me to manage my disk space MacOS Mojave v10.14.1 as well as a solid red power button.

From my research i’m going to presume that Volume 1 is now full which is why I can’t add any new movies and i’ve got the red warning light. My question is, how can I tell the unit to start filling up Volume 2?

When I connect the PR2100 to the network, it doesn’t split the two 10TB HD into separate drives, it just shows up as “MyCloudPR2100” in Finder Window and has listed under it “Public, SmartWare & TimeMachineBackup”

If I can please get some help on how I can start to utilize the second half of my new unit, love the product and works as expected. Just have this slight barrier I need help getting past.

Thanks all,

You need to create a separate share in Volume_2 and mount that share.

Since you elected to use JBOD, it’s up to you to manage how the two separate volumes are used.

If you want 20TB of contiguous space, you’ll need to start over and select RAID 0 or Spanning as your configuration.

Hey Tony, that’s my question please: how do create a separate share in volume 2?

When I upload my movies via the front port, it just automatically goes into the MyCloud PR2100. It doesn’t manage where it goes to which volume.

Ps. I don’t really want to go Raid 0 because in JBOD if one disk fails, I can just replace the files that were in that particular disk.

Hope this makes sense.

When you create a share, it should ask you on what volume to place it.

The PR2100 copies data to the Public share – I don’t think there’s any way to change that.

All fixed, thanks Tony for your help