New Disc Volume Creation Question

Been using my PR2100 for a couple of years now - single 4TB Red disc - JBOD config.
Added an additional 4TB Red disc today & expected something like ‘new disc detected - do you want to configure it now’ - but nothing. Disc shows up ok under ‘Storage/Disc Status’ but not under ‘Storage/RAID’ - only Volume_1 appears.
How do I create a new JBOD volume on my new disc?
Any help much appreciated.

Dashboard / Storage / RAID / Change RAID Mode / Switch to JBOD

Many Thanks for this reply! I was afraid to try the ‘Change RAID Mode’ option since it was worried my data may disappear from the original disc. Will it? (I’m doing a backup currently to USB in case it does!)

No, if you are using JBOD on an existing volume and select JBOD for the new volume, your data should be fine. However, anything can happen, so creating backups should always be the first step.

Many Thanks dswv42 for taking the time to advise on this. The solution worked a treat - and as you mentioned the original data on disc 1 was fine.
So, in summary, if you want to add a new disc to a PR2100 (in JBOD config as per the existing disc) do a backup (mine took ages using USB!) then click on ‘Change RAID Mode’ and follow the instructions provided. (Note to WD - this is not initially intuitive & suggest reworking the manual to explain it or the user interface to make it clearer)>

It’s a common problem. As I’ve said before… who in the heck is going to click on RAID when they are looking for JBOD?