POWER BUTTON on G-RAID 8TB Dual-Drive RAID Fell Into Chassis

Hi everyone. As the subject line indicates, the power button on my G-RAID 8TB Dual-Drive RAID, after being loose for awhile, fell completely into the chassis of the drive. Is there any possible workaround / fix for this?

The drive may or may not still be under warranty, but my understanding is a) you break through the seal to get to a screw will invalidate it. b) Even if still under warranty, G-Technology will not effectuate any repair, nor transfer any data, and merely replace the unit with a new one.

As it is a Raid-0, I’m not exactly sure what to do when and if I DID go into the chassis

Thoughts, anyone??

Hi musictvguy,

Maybe you should try contacting G-Tech’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact G-Tech’s Technical Support