G-RAID drive turned itself off and will not come back on! :(

I am completely freaking out right now. My G-Raid drive (8TB setup in RAID 0 so 4TB and thunderbolt 3) just suddenly clicked off today when it was not even being accessed. It won’t turn back on. I just hear a faint clicking sound.

I got this unit in August of last year. I need that data though. 2TB’s of it. I’m freaking out pretty big right now. I thought if a drive died in one of these things, it’s redundant so you can keep working??? I guess I don’t understand how they work but it’s been fine all this time until today.

Any advice appreciated. I’m in deep if I can’t recover it. :frowning:

Did you get a response from the company?

When I contacted them directly, yes. The chassis shorted out. Pretty expensive lesson to maintain better backups. Data recovery isn’t cheap.