G-Raid with Thunderbolt 8TB not powering on

Hi, I was copying files to my G-Raid with Thunderbolt 8TB when my iMac just got frozen and then restarted. After that, my G-Raid was powered off and I just can not power it on again. I checked cables, font and turned off and on my Mac, but the G-Raid seems to have no power. Can I swap my two HDD to a newer bay, like thunderbolt 2 or 3?

First thing you want to check is make sure you are using the 12v 4a power adapter. If that has been verified and you still get absolutely no power it could be an enclosure failure.

It depends on exactly which unit you have. If it is the Thunderbolt only G-RAID then it is a software RAID and isn’t designed as a removable device.

The drives can be removed by opening the unit but since it is software RAID they aren’t compatible with any of our TB2 or 3 devices since they are hardware RAID controlled devices.

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Dear Lydia, thanks. My unit is a G RAID with thunderbolt 8TB - Kit PN 0G04085 and Kit SN B457w00128.
Both disks are removable. I think it is a Thunderbolt 2, but I am not sure.
Could you, please, check for me using those PN and SN if I can buy a new one, swap those 2 disks, and retrieve my data?
Thank you again,

Based on the serial # the warranty ended 2 months ago but that wouldn’t stop you from being able to get another TB2 equipped enclosure by purchase 2nd hand and swap the drives.

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I have an 8TB G Technology G-Raid Studio whose enclosure has failed (Chassis Part# 0G03383). The enclosure’s power light illuminates but the enclosure fails to recognize the drives and the enclosure’s fan will not operate. The two installed 4TB drives were setup as a Raid 1 pair. This device is out of warranty.

The power supply light blinks on and off as does the internal lights on the inside of the enclosure when the two drives are pulled out.

Where can I get a couple of replacement Chassis?