G Tech RAID w/thunderbolt will not run

I installed a 8TB G-RAID w/thunderbolt a few months ago and it has worked fine until recently. For about a week it randomly shut down. I’d restart and it would work again. But today it stopped altogether and no longer shows in Finder or Disk Utility. It turns on, but the drives never get up to speed. Any ideas?

Does your G-RAID have USB as well or just Thunderbolt?

Does the LED on it show red or blue? Do you have another TB cable you can try?

Check your power adapter. Make sure it is 12v and 4a.

USB and Thunderbolt, but the Thunderbolt had trouble working with my Mac (which does have Thunderbolt), so I was using USB.

The LED shows blue.

Yes, the power adaptor is 12v, the one that came with the G-RAID.

What I’m thinking is that the drives not getting up to speed, causing the unit to eventually shut off. Reason why I think that is that it is not making the normal power up sounds and the outer case is staying cold.

I plan on talking with support later this morning after they open to see what they think. Luckily, I use it for my daily film work and have multiple backups. I never use a RAID for storage.