G-Raid will not load with thunderbolt, only usb-3

Initially the G-Raid loaded with thunderbolt but then quit. Since then it will only load with USB 3. What gives? I’m using an iMac 27" 2012 and am plugged directly into the computer. Can someone help? Thank you.


Have you tried other Thunderbolt cables and/or the other Thunderbolt port on the drive? Was this the same computer it used to work on or another?

If you have tried those and Thunderbolt still is not working then it would be an issue with the Thunderbolt interface on the drive most likely. If the drive is under warranty you can generate an RMA on our website for a replacement.


I can only get it to run with the USB cable that came with the drive. It’s brand new but we are using it on a project so I’d prefer not to interrupt our work.

The performance will be the same regardless of interface. So continue working on your project and when ready you can send it in for warranty replacement.