G-Raid Studio 6TB Thunderbolt 2 doesn't work anymore!

G-Raid Studio 6TB Thunderbolt2 in Raid 0 doesn’t turn on. First the G LED was just blinking and now nothing happens. Like it is not connected to the power. I tried to use another power connector with the same specifications but it did’t help. I guess the case is broke. Is there any chance to get on my data???
Thanks for helping


In order to verify power make sure you have both the AC adapter attached and the Thunderbolt cable to the device and to a powered on computer. It will not power on unless it has an active Thunderbolt data connection.

If that still isn’t working, try another Thunderbolt cable. If that won’t do it then it could be an issue in the enclosure and we can get a replacement for you. Please contact our support directly for help with an RMA. (888) 426-5214

Thanks for your answer.
I tryed everything but it didn’t work.
Is there a support number for germany?


Yes, there is German support here: 49-69-29-993601

Hi! Finally I got a new chassis from you but they forget to send a power adapter.
My question:
Can I use a alternativ ac-power Adapter until I get my own back? What do I need? 12V 4A ? What polarity?

Yes you can use any adapter that matches the ratings and physically fits. 12v 4a and center pin positive.

what is if the adapter have more than 4a?

It can have more that’s fine. It just needs to be 12v max and at least 4 amps.

ok, thank you

The Support send me an 12V 2A Adapter.
Is this right for the G-Raid Studio with 2 Harddiscs?? The original AC Adapter had 12V 4A.

It needs to be 12v and 4amps. Check your PMs

I got 1 more question.
My G-Raid Studio is configured as a raid 0. Now i have my housing back (without a AC adapter u already know) and i have to put my hard discs back inside. What if i exchange the drives, if i don’t put them back the way they where inside before?