G RAID 8tb with thunderbolt turns off

I have a 8tb GRAID with thunderbolt only that will turn on, be recognized in the finder on my mac pro enough to give me info on the drive but not actually see any files. I can hear the disks spinning, but the front LED stays solid, and the rear fan never kicks on. After a few minutes when the enclosure and drives warm up it just shuts off. After it shuts off it has to cool down completely back to room temp for me to repeat the process. My guess is overheating, but is there a way to diagnose this? I don’t want to remove the warranty sticker just yet, even though I’m almost certain its out of warranty being a few years old. Any thoughts?

Make sure the drive is being powered with a 12v 4a power supply. If it is under powered it might be the reason for shut down.

It is, it is powered with the supply it came with new. LED works on the supply, and all of the the specs match up to what the drive says it requires.