GRAID 8TB strange rumor and led flash

Hi everyone, I have an 8tb graid, for less than a year. Flashing LEDs and noises as if they were writing something. I access the unit quietly it is only extremely slow. I tried a MAC disk cleaning but nothing. Some idea?

Which particular G-RAID is it? Does it have Thunderbolt and USB ports or only USB or only Thunderbolt?

Does the light on the front of it go red or is it white? Can you open the front face to reveal the two drives? Are they blue or red? Have you tried swapping connections if its possible? Verify your power adapter is 12v and 4a.

connected with thunderbolt, the disk is an 8-tb g-raid.
Original feeder and no problem presented before now.
The disc is only 6 months old.
The front in every blink white