G Raid Studio 8TB Power Issues - Please help

Hi, I have a Studio (2 x 4TB) HD. All has been working great since I bought it but it has suddenly developed an issue and won’t show up as mounted.

  • White light on front (so I know it’s getting some power).
  • Blue light on top of each of the 2 Hard Drives (hoping that’s a good sign and shows that the drives are healthy)
  • Fan is not working and no sound coming from enclosure

I suspect that their is either an issue with limited power, the fan is broken or some sort of component is broken.

Can someone please help:

  1. what do you think the issue is?
  2. do you know what the warranty duration is on this model?

and, most importantly to me, regarding the data on my 2 drives

  1. if I get a replacement enclosure (if indeed faulty), will the 2 drives slot in and mount with all data accessible?
  2. does it need to be exactly the same enclosure or will another SATA Thunderbolt enclosure work?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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one more question - is there any chance that it could be something as simple as a faulty thunderbolt cable as I saw somewhere else that this drive won’t fully power on without thunderbolt connectivity?

ok so I’ve changed the thunderbolt cable and still the same problem.

I’m pretty sure the drives are configured as JBOD and not RAID as they have different names and show up as 2 separate drives.

I suspect i need a replacement enclosure and really hope that I can simply insert my 2 drives and all will work. Can someone please, please advise.

The drives on these units out of the box are always configured as RAID0. It would only be JBOD if you specifically changed it to JBOD at some point prior.

Where do you see the 2 different drives showing up? Are they mounting separately? If you run the G-RAID Studio software it will tell you if there is a degraded RAID on the device. It will allow you to rebuild it.

Hi pretty sure that I chose JBOD when I purchased the unit so I could have 2 separate 4TB drives, each accessible independently.

Run the g-raid software and it shows no drives mounted - empty slots for both. Also the drive(s) are not showing up in finder.

As I said, there is a while light on front and 2 blue lights on top of each drive BUT there is no noise coming from the device and the fan is not spinning at all.

It’s as if there is an issue (power or other) with the enclosure not starting up the drives

Also drives not showing up in disk utility

Verify your power adapter is the correct one. Very often we have customers that switch them unknowingly. The power requirements are 12v and 4a. Otherwise I would recommend contacting our support directly via 888.426.5214

Hello Euan, did you resolve this issue? We are having a similar issue with a GRaid Studio 6tb. Many thanks, V

Hi, yes it turned out that I’d plugged the wrong power supply in to the drive. Once I plugged in the correct WD lead (had plugged in the power for my router by mistake) it worked.

I’d check that you have the correct power lead plugged in. If so, maybe the power supply is faulty?

Best regards,

Euan Taylor

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I have the problem with my G-Studio 6TB but I am using the proper Power Supply, any suggestion?
I see blue light on both HD 1 and 2 but no sound, no fan and it won’t mount on my Mac. The front logo goes white as normal but the HD just won’t work.