G-RAID 8tb Thunderbolt Not Mounting

Hello. I just received two G-RAID 8tb refurbs with dual thunderbolt, and one of the two does not mount. It definitely boots and I hear some activity, but it never moves past that. It also doesn’t show up in Disk Utility. Compared to the second drive, there is little to no activity out of this one. The light stays a solid white and I hear no clicks or strange sounds. It also stays spinning, just no mounting activity. Could this be a bad enclosure, or is there a way to get this thing going? Thanks!


If you have not tried it already, try using the power adapter and cables that are working from the other unit just in case an accessory is the issue.

If it isn’t coming up in Disk Utility at all then it would be a hardware related issue. Are you Daisy-chaining these or plugging them in separately?

Thanks for the response. I did swap cables and power adapters and there was no change. The drives are plugged in individually/separately.

It is possible the replacement could have an issue please contact our support directly for RMA assistance: (888) 426-5214