G Drive with Thunderbolt will not power

Yes the drive is plugged into the computer with Thunderbolt cable or USB cable. I have tried other power cables from other G Drives as well. The light goes on but that’s it. I have just finished a segment for TV that is supposed to be uploading to the station now. This is a nightmare. I need an immediate solution. What do I do?
Thank you,

If the drive is getting power but won’t spin up then the issue would be hardware related. Either the drive or the enclosure.

If you need immediate access then your best option is to have someone or yourself open the enclosure and take the drive out and place into another enclosure to see if the drive is usable. If it still isn’t spinning up in another enclosure or dock then it means the drive itself has failed and you would need to do data recovery to get access to data.

Thank you for getting back. I have another G Drive with an identical enclosure. The broken one is 4T with Thunder and the good one is 2T with Firewire 800 but everything else looks the same. So that would be the best bet, to open the older and swap the drive? That’s easily done but am I not going to void the warranty of both drives?

Is there an authorized repair place in San Diego where they can do basically the same thing and where I can keep my warranty? Let’s say I can spare a couple days… can I overnight it somewhere, have it fixed, and sent back this week?

This must come up all the time with people like me. Let me know.

The one with FW800 is likely very out of warranty as we haven’t made them in a very long time. But no, we won’t void warranty for data recovery attempt.

The recommendation is to do it on your own so its fast and right there. Most service places that can do the work will charge you a decent amount and will take their time.

Ok so to be clear… I put the broken drive in the older operating enclosure and if it does not start up, my warranty for the broken drive (4T w/Thunder) is still in effect? And then what do I do if it does not work? And where ever I take it or if I send it back, when they see the broken seal, I just say Rydia said it’s ok? Do I need an authorization number?

You can tell what your warranty is by creating an RMA on our website. RMA creation. During the first part it will tell you when your warranty expires. After you have created your RMA call in to tech support 888.426.5214 and speak to an agent and we can get the final notes placed in.