Plex server app on My passport wireless


I would like to buy the My Passport wireless and install Plex server app on it.

The aim is to use this external hard drive as a Nas with Plex server during holidays or travels.

Then I can access through the wifi with my Ipad or galaxy tab.

Do everyone knows if I can install this app?


Best regards.

In theory it’s possible since the MPW runs an ARM CPU (Beagle), and there are ARM and ARMv7 builds for Plex.

Too, since the MPW’s software DNA is very similar to the My Cloud NASes, it’s rather plausible that it could work.

But, to my knowledge, it hasn’t been done yet.   Why don’t you give it a try and let us know!  :)

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Cool if you can get this to work!

If all the media you want to access will be on the MPW, you don’t need Plex.  Since you don’t even have a MPW yet, perhaps you don’t know you can connect the MPW to your own home network or other hotspot.  If everyone will use the MPW this way, they also can all connect to it wirelessly via its direct wifi signal using the My Cloud app or another DLNA receptive app, and there are quite a few of these.  The only reason I put my MPW on the home network is for wider range access anywhere in the house because my home network wireless has greater range than the MPW direct wifi.