Plex on Wireless Pro still working>

I have a 4TB My Passport Wireless Pro that used to work just fine. Haven’t used it in a couple/few years, but will be traveling again and wanted to reconnect it.

My iOS Plex app shows it but says OFFLINE. My iPhone IS connected to the Wireless Pro’s WIFI and the Wireless Pro is configure to get internet access through my home WIFI. That part works.

But cannot get my Plex app to use it. At one point, it said the Plex server had to be some version (didn’t write it down) but I have the latest WD firmware (2018), but Plex App still says OFFLINE and have no idea how to update the Plex Server version to what is required.

Is this still workable? How do I get it from OFFLINE to online?

You are going to have to update the plex app somehow. . .

. . .which might be a trick. The hardware on the Wireless Pro was hardly bleeding edge when everything worked correctly.

Honestly. . . I would look for a new app able to read files from your network. I personally use VLC on PC’s and Android devices.

(The only trick is that the device needs to be on the same network as NAS device)

(To be brutally honest. . . . I have slowly moved away from this type of device because;
a) Huge memory storage on SDHC cards for android tablets
b) More reliable streaming (netflix and prime) around the world
c) More reliable aircraft entertainment than in decades past.)

Your reply was actually very helpful, but not in the way you might imagine.

You mentioning VLC jogged my memory into remembering that we also used INFUSE (iOS only, unfortunately) to view movies on the drive and sure enough, it works beautifully! Artwork, metadata, etc. all come down (as long as the WD Wireless Pro has internet itself) and works like a champ.

I agree with your “brutally honest” reasons for not using it anymore, and we, also, haven’t used it in probably 3 years, because of those reasons, but my wife is going on a transatlantic flight to a place that has marginal (at best) and slow internet, so it’ll be nice to have something to carry along and use if needed.

Thanks again!

I think you might be surprised at internet around the world these days.


Just make sure to test everything before you leave. Apps have a strange way of not working -or working differently- after a few years. I recently found my Roku devices all of a sudden supported Apple AirPlay. . .which was quite the surprise.

Well, not sure how the internet is around the world but I know how it is on a little island in the Irish Sea, especially after hearing from a relative that is there struggles with it on daily basis.

I’ve done all the pre-trip testing except for testing Infuse and the WD Passport and my iPhone without WIFI. Will test that before my wife leaves.

Thanks again.