My Passport Wireless Pro - Not Connecting to Wifi

I bought a 3TB Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro about 1 month ago. I plugged it into the outlet turned it on everything seemed to work fine. The My Passport 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz wifi showed up in my Mac’s wifi list. I connected to the 5Ghz fine, then went to my passport.local in safari. So far so good.

From there i connected the Wireless Pro to my home wifi network (the 5Ghz band). Everything seemed to work as usual. I was also able to update to the latest firmware. But when i tried to download the Plex server it said it was not connected to the internet.

The next day the HD started beeping, at which time i turned it off, then on again & it seemed to work fine. But now i was unable to even copy files to the HD even when connected to the My Passport wifi.

After working with customer service they determined it was defective. I was able to return the unit & received a new one.

I just set it up the other day & again everything at first seemed fine, but one i got to the “download the Plex server” part it said it wasn’t connected to the wifi. Now no matter what i do it said it isn’t connected to wifi. The interesting thing is that i am able to get not he internet with my Mac through the My Passport wifi though.

I am not sure if it is a firmware issue - but so far this “quality” product has been nothing but a waste of my time.

Anyone have any ideas?? Western Digital - any ideas???

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Any special characters in the SSID or the SSID password?
That could be the issue as there are KBA published

IE: SSID: [MyNetwork2]

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