Cannot get Mypassport Wireless Pro to complete setup

I have restored to factory setting several times now but the installation never complete all the blue LEDs start flashing.
Everything is OK until after installing Plex. It installs OK somewhat slowly. After Plex installs I switch it off (Plex) as per best practice and await scanning to complete after about 10 minutes the unit LEDs go crazy. Any help much appreciated.

PS This happens whether I try to set up with my MacBook or my iPad and iPhone. MPPW says firmware is up to date.


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Hi, thanks for your reply the current firmware is 1.01.11
Because I cannot get the device to work I would try anything.
Although I am inclined to call it a day and return it to Amazon.
Shame really as my WDMyCloud Drive works well.

After several attempts restoring factory system settings I did find a way to complete the set up. To cut a long story short I did not connect to the internet until the MPWP had completed scanning (took hours). I then connected to the internet and installed Plex everything seemed OK and I had a working but very slow MPWP. It is not reliable and still crashes.
After consultation with a WD Supports very help agent it was decided the best course of action was to return it to Amazon for replacement.
Will update after receipt of the replacement.

Received my replacement today, first class service by Amazon, set up and running without fault. Performing exactly as I had hoped. My previous one was obviously faulty.
Now do I install the beta firmware, thinks to myself better leave things as they are and enjoy my MPWP.

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