My Passport Wireless Pro

I have the my passport wireless pro and I like what it can do it is a great portable server but it needs to be a little better

at time the wifi is slow and it has to try and load the move and some times it can take 30 mins to play witch I use plex that is in the drive I really like plex

I would like if the wifi was faster it would also be nice if the usb would work with iPhone and iPad where I can back up my device and use it as a network and transfer file to it fast and still have the wifi working at the same time

We appreciate your feedback. We will forward your recommendations to the appropriate teams.

Maybe it is your home network that is slow.

every thing in my home is fast the only thing is slow is the passport

it would be nice if I could back up the passport to another drive or to the cloud drive

Contact WD Support.