HOWTO - Plex Media Server on the WD My Passport Wireless

Hi all!

Here’s a link to my comprehensive HOWTO on setting up Plex Media Server on the WD My Passport Wireless.

HOWTO on the Plex Forums

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions here or in the original post on the Plex Forums.



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Thanks for sharing this with the community, hopefully other users can benefit from this and enjoy it.

This is interesting stuff! And I love the idea of doing this.

I did your walkthrough with a minimum of fuss, but it simply ain’t a powerful enough beast to manage any but the smallest libraries. :slight_smile:

I have close to 4000 videos on my MPW (about 300 movies and 34 TV series)

The MPW just can’t digest that library without the Plex Media Server process crashing after a few hours.

I’ve tried to nurse it along for the last few days, and it’s still only about 10-20% complete with the metadata collection / import. :slight_smile:

In contrast, I have the same library on my DL4100 and it took only an hour or two to crawl the data.

Have any suggestions to ease the pain?

Do you have it set to low power mode? Optimised for battery power or something like that? (can’t remember the name of the setting I don’t have mine to hand). I found it didn’t work when I used that.

Also, I’d try adding things in batches rather than all at once

I think you’re on to something there. I was running in the other mode and switched it to Performance Mode – it seemed to make a huge difference.

After all the troubleshooting and experimenting, I’ve made a huge mess of the database, so I’m probably going to re-organize and start over.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Glad it helped :slight_smile: