Help! MPWP Plex Home Video problems - merges videos between 2GB-4GB

Hi all.

I am new here and have been using the MPWP for about a year now. Previously I’ve been using the MPWP & Plex for normal movies and TV shows and it worked fine.

Recently, I started including to the Plex library some home videos of our family holidays.

To my unending frustration Plex on MPWP keeps on merging and treating files between 2GB and 4GB as duplicates (Plex on my desktop, laptop works fine!). For info, I am using the latest Plex Server version as of 18 Jan 2021.

See the images below:
A. My library screen

B. The duplicate video info

I’m unable to post the media info (due to the forums’ 2 image limit), but trust me I found that only the media files between 2GB and 4GB were merged. Those below and above this size range were treated as normal individual videos.

I had tried all sorts of troubleshooting:

  • Reset Plex Database from the MPWP UI
  • Delete my media files, and re-import them to MPWP
  • Do the Plex Dance
  • Restore Factory Settings - both “System Only” AND “System & Disk”

I am now at wits end! :cry:

I even posted an incident report at the WD Reference #210102-000038 on 1 Jan 2021, and escalated on 8 Jan 2021 - but never received any reply or acknowledgement from WD.

I am hoping that there is some good in this world with all the pandemic going round - so I come to the WD community forums for help.

Hope someone can help a person in need.

Thanks in advance.

ps. not sure if my photo attachments would work.

Hi all - can anybody help me on this?


I’m sorry I have to try this again - wonder if anyone can help?

As an update:

Thinking it could have been a problem with my old My Passport Wireless Pro, I bought myself a new WD My Passport Wireless device to see if the problem is recreate. To my despair - yes, the problem was recreated straight away.

It would seem that using Plex on My Passport Wireless devices for personal videos between 2GB and 4GB just doesn’t work as the Plex server on the device keeps merging the video files and presented in the Plex library as a single video.

I think the MPWP or similar devices is not the right device for this kind of thing for me.


ps. this issue is cross posted to the community forums too - Help! My Passport Wireless Pro problems - merges home videos between 2GB-4GB - NAS & Devices - Plex Forum

Hi all. Sorry to push this up again. But can anyone help me with this?

I am considering other options of having a portable plex media server aside from the WD MyPassport Wireless pro. Perhaps using an external USB SSD with a Windows laptop that I can bring around with me.

Thanks all for reading my issue.