Absolutely LOVE The PLEX Feature! TY WD!

I have to admit…I had my doubts. But those doubts are long gone. With close to 5,000 movies and over 10,000 episodes crammed onto this baby, I am a HAPPY CAMPER haha!!! I’ve been using the 4TB My Passport Wireless Pro for about 9 months now and absolutely love it. I plan to buy another one so that I can transfer over all the data and store it as a backup.

I’m a Doordash driver and this device stays in my car at all times and really helps to get me through the slow times or late night waits. I use a Amazon Fire Tablet to connect to it using the Plex app, have the Fire audio bluetoothed to my cars speakers and VOILA! My car has now become my private entertainment center.

We’re taking a trip to Florida to buy a house in a month or so after the coronavirus burns through it’s population and since it’s a (take my time) 5 day drive from Washington I am eager to see what the other passengers will think about having access to whatever they want to watch right from their smart phones without eating up there data :slight_smile:

My only gripe is that the device doesn’t come in a 8TB or 16TB size because I am running out of room :slight_smile: I’ve already converted all my videos to 480p using handbrake to slim down the file size…but still, would sure like to see an 8 or 16TB option in the future :wink:

Love it though! Thanks so much WD!!!

I have run plex on the MPWP - - -

      • If your movies are 480P; then I think the device will work with no problem. However, if you have higher res files (I run 1080p; with 4-6 mbps); it gets a bit marginal. (don’t even think about transcoding). So basically; downloaded videos from youtube are fine; hi-res ripped movies; not so much.

. . .for more capacity, you could always plug a USB drive into the back.

. . . I presume for a 5 day road trip; you have a solution for power? I don’t think the battery will last more than; say; 5-8 hours?

My use case is usually camera SD card backup; and as a “NAS on the go”.

I have done video streaming from the device; but I find the tech has moved on. When travelling, I have a micro SD card for my tablet with lots of memory; and video choices on long haul aircraft has REALLY improved. I also have one of the old sandisk “connect” devices; basically a USB key with a wifi chip. I have found it more convenient (because of size) than the MPWP. (now THAT is a product that I wish was expanded upon)

ewww :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … gonna look awful if and when you need to play them on a big screen

i have a 50" 4K UHD TV and anything less the 1080p looks a bit shite

the best way to reduce the file size is convert your videos to H.265 HEVC … small file size while keeping the video at the same resolution.

i’m slowly transitioning from H.264 (AVC) to H.265 (HEVC) for storage reasons … have many 4K HEVC encoded movies that are smaller than the 720p / 1080p AVC versions i have.

My movie collection is scalable … small file size which looks good on a tablet/phone and also looks good a big screen :slight_smile: