Plex alternative: Jellyfin installation guide on WD NAS

Hi all,
I’m using Plex/Emby for a long time, unhappy with the privacy issues and that every 20 minutes it’s span the HDD prevent them going into standby mode.

I recently came across an open source solution Jellyfin which unfortunately don’t offer a bin file for WD NAS at the moment, however it can run on a docker container.
for those who are interested, this is how I manage to make this work:

  1. Updated to the latest Docker from
  2. From the CLI I mapped my HD in slot 2 where I keep my different media content:

docker pull jellyfin/jellyfin:latest
mkdir -p /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/jellyfin/{config,cache}
docker run -d --restart=always -v /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/jellyfin/config:/config -v /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/jellyfin/cache:/cache -v /mnt/HD/HD_a2:/HD_a2 -v /media:/media --net=host jellyfin/jellyfin:latest

So far my high level experience is that Jellyfin works better than Plex.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


I’m about to follow you down this path. I’m a real docker newbie. A couple of questions:
Why didn’t you use the following option in the run command?
–user 1000:1000
Why did you change the option here from what was given in the Jellyfin documentation for installing and running jellyfin in docker:
–restart=unless-stopped \ You used restart always
Thanks in advance.

Can confirm that @dorz5 suggestion worked great for me as well. Only thing is that I had to add -e TZ="MST" to the run command to set the timezone to mountain so that the parental control schedules worked correctly.

Also I am running My OS 5… had quite a bit of trouble getting docker to work for it. Had to use the specific bin file inside this zip:

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I also tried @dorz5 suggestion on my WDEx2Ultra on OS5 and the installation seems to work (no error message and it is running in Docker) but I cannot access to the Jellyfin admin webpage (http://my_internal_ip:8096). Am I missing something ?
Thanks !


I tried the following steps to setup Jellyfin.

  1. This Guide from here → Problem: the container restarts itself after 1sec uptime(even after change restart=always to restart=unless-stopped.

  2. This Guide →
    same issue with restart loop

  3. using linuxserver/jellyfin → creates the container,but can’t be reached.

I’m using this bin file for docker:

can someone solve my problem?

I’m having the same issues as you. I think this may have something to do with EX devices. You could maybe try to use the bionic tag like this: linuxserver/jellyfin:bionic
This is supposed to fix issues with other arm platforms, but it hasn’t helped me.
Interestingly, the plex image (from linuxserver) hasn’t worked either, the bionic one shows no logs at all (like jellyfin) and the normal version throws errors and does nothing.

The problem is libseccomp,it has to be updated somehow on the NAS

Are you sure? Because if it is, the bionic image from linuxserver is supposed to fix it, but at least for me it doesn’t. And i haven’t found a way to manually update the libseccomp either. The current version in os 5 is 2.3.3-4 which is below the required version mentioned here: Seccomp blocks install of "libc6" in Ubuntu 20.04 "focal" image on armhf (arm32v7) · Issue #40734 · moby/moby · GitHub