Please Help! Passport Essential 320 GB


I wonder if anybody could help, I have managed to lock my hard drive and forget my password.

Is there anyway I can unlock the drive without formatting and losing the data?

I have email the same question to the WD support team, but if anybody could give me some good news it will make sleeping easier tonight.


If you’ve locked your drive, and forgot your password, there is no way of retrieving the data.  Are you sure you didn’t create a hint?

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Hello everyone!!!

Please i need your help , i forgot  my password  in WD Smartware Drive Unlock and now i can not use my external disk

Do we have any solution about that issue???

How can i reset my password to have access again to the hdd??

Thanks in advance

The only way to regain access to the drive is by failing the password five times.  The next time up, the drive will ask you if you want to format the drive to start using it again.  If there is data on the drive, it will be lost.

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