1TB MY PASSPORT ESSENTIAL SE (SMART WARE) forgotten the Password and I need help to unlock it

I’ve got 1TB MY PASSPORT ESSENTIAL SE (SMART WARE) Which I’ve Forgotten the Password and I need the help to unlock it??? I even think that I might be punching the right password but some how I can’t still unlock it!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

You cannot unlock it. The only solution is to format it. Then the drive will be automatically unlocked.

Since you set a password you are out of luck there is no way to get past it or reset it.


Hi, Even I am facing the same problem. I have locked the hard drive but after that i have removed the password security. Now when i accessing my hard drive, its showing locked.

I am trying my ealrier password, but its not working. I have not set the password but its got locked. Is there any bug in this?

I dont want to format as i am having critical data in this.