Forgot password western digital my passport external hard drive

Guys! Please help me! i forgot my password in my my passport external HDD. is there a way or any applications that can help me access or at least back up my data/files stored inside. i really need my files inside that drive. :((((((  

Unfortunately, There is not an application or software that allow you to bypass the password of WD Smartware. Not WD have an way to retrieve your password.

You can regain access to your drive, but in order to do so, you will need to erase it; this will delete all data from the drive, and unfortunately this cannot be avoided.

Please visit the link below for information on how to erase your drive, scroll down to the “Failed Login” section and follow the instructions provided.

Answer Title: How to set up security in order to lock and unlock a WD (+ SmartWare) external drive

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yeah i already emailed WD and thats what they’ve told me. i will just hold on to my HD hoping i’ll remember my password. thanks for your help anyway.