Please help me - My Cloud 2TB

I’m cant upgrade my personal cloud My Cloud (The Old Generation)
since i upgrade FW or something and then everything is broken, i can’t even upgrade to any new FW
cant see the current FW
i can access to my shares and my dashboard but always write me “Login Timeout, Please Login again”
over and over. and sometimes it’s write there is no internet access.

what should i do? throw it away? there is any way to save or fix the cloud?

try resetting it … use the 4 sec reset

(not sure if the 40 sec will erase data … but, you have a backup of everything i assume?)

@MrOdedS Before doing anything unplug it wait a couple of minutes and plug it back in. What are the LED’s on the front and back doing, if anything?

Look at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

tried it, 4 sec, 40 sec, System Restore only, Full system restore. nothing work.

when upgrading verify firmware failed the leds going red
and when reboot it, solid blue led which indicate it’s working normally.

something strange going there.
cant upgrade it.

Are you on a Windows PC? Are you saying the front LED is Blue now? Are you able to get to the Dashboard? If yes, what firmware is showing? See my Dashboard for 1st generation below and the current firmware on it.

see here:
1st login (right now)

error after 30 seconds:

2nd login (refresh the page):
Factory install (right out of the box style)

@MrOdedS You have a second generation My Cloud. Here is the Dashboard of my 2nd generation My Cloud showing the current firmware for it.

For more information and the User Manual use the link I provided earlier in a post.