Firmware 2.31.195 upgrade failure

I just tried a manual upgrade of my MyCloud. I’ve now had a blinking blue light for about 15 minutes so I assume the update failed. I have no idea how to recover. Lots of likely looking topics on the web just take me to the generic WD support page. where do I start?

@pokeefe Are you able to open the Dashboard? If you are, see what is showing under the Bell. See image below.


No access to the device at all - my router no longer sees it at all. So I can’t even get in via SSH … not that I’d know what to do if I did.

After several hours in that state, out of desperation, I initiated a reset to factory settings (about 10 hours ago). It’s still got its rapidly flashing blue light. That could mean it’s either still clearing the disk or it’s completely hung. I don’t detect any disk activity, but I suppose it could be happening. This is a 3TB drive; I have no idea how long this reset should take.

In the mean time I’ve restored the data to an old, unused MyBookLive so (in theory) I have access to my data. I’ll soon find out.

Is there any way to determine if the reset is actually doing anything? I can detect no disk activity but I’m not sure I would be able to if the head is just moving between adjacent tracks.

How long should the reset take for a 3TB device?