Playback issue

Hello all,

I recently purchased the wd live media player and I am experiencing some frustrating playback issues. For example, I’d be watching a movie, when it will suddenly stop and go to the main menu. I then select the same movie, and the next menu will ask me if I want to continue where I left off, or start from the beginning. This happens endlessly, more-so lately than at first. So then I start watching the movie from where it left off, and it will do it again, and again and again. 
another issue is when the video I’m watching just stops and a next one starts. Any idea why? the hard drive I am using is WD, and the videos play fine on my laptop. Thanks

Welcome to the forums.

It would be helpful if you posted a MediaInfo on one of the files you are trying to play.

I had this happen a few times.   Each time, it turned out it was an MKV file with something wrong in the middle.   If I recall (it’s been MONTHS ago) it was due to Handbrake not recovering from an error introduced in a VOB file that was “mildly” corrupted due to a physical read error when ripping.

Anyway, every software player I tried (except for one) would just hop right over the bad spot, and I’d see maybe a little blip or pixelation.  The DivX software (which also reads MKVs) would hang at the dead spot for a second, then exit.

Once I found the source and re-created the file(s), the problems went a way for good.

One way to tell is if the file is “dropping out” at the EXACT same time, EVERY TIME.    

If it’s some random occurrence, there’s something different going on.

A MediaInfo, as Mike suggested will help rule out any obvious codec problems.