Playback issues

I own the  WD TV HD Media Player and I’m having playback issues. I’m playing files as .avi or .mpeg and I have no problem. But for some reason, it starts choking up and I can’t play any files at all. All I get is just a black screen and not even the unable to play screen. I reset the system, and it plays fine, and then it reverts back to the same behavior. Any suggestions?

Try posting in the WDTV HD forum.   This forum is for the Live/Live+.

The problem is also relevant for the WD TV Live player.

I own a WD TV Live with the latest BETA firmware, (It happend with the latest firmware as well thats why i updated)

Sometimes for the HD’s i have connected only some of the files are playable, eg. if the files are in a seperate folder. But also sometimes the files in folder won’t play.

The only activity is that the screen goes black… sometimes the audio file plays, but that is not the case…

The worst thing is that if you disconnect it and delete the WD files on the HD it “might” play correctly afterwards…

YOUR particular issue sounds like you might be playing a “bad” MKV file (one muxed with MKVMerge version 4.x or greater).

To find out, look at the MediaInfo for that file.  If so, you can fix the problem by running it through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier again (it won’t change the quality any).