Picture time stamps are changed by upload

It is possible to upload pictures done with a smart phone onto the NAS via the MyCloud app. This works relaiable so far.
But what I noticed is that all the original picture time stamps showing the origibal shooting time get changed to the upload time. That’s annoying and under this conditions this upload possibillity was useless…
Is there a possibillity to avoid that? Is there any setting in the dashboard eventually?


The uploaded photos are a copy of the original photos stored on your phone. Since the uploaded photos are new files, the “Date Created” will be the date they were uploaded.

Yes, I see.
But if I understand an upload as a kind of copying of the files from one drive to another drive the time stamp of the file should stay the original one.
When I copy these pics from the PC or Mac to the NAS the time stamps of the files are not changed and stay original…

So as I already said: this kind of upload is a significant disadvantage, at least for picture files, of what I want to know also in the past when I shot the pic (also without using eventual available EXIF-datas)

I recently purchased My Cloud Home and found that I have the same problem as Walter_Walter. Time stamps of pictures and videos are grossly incorrect and I want it changed. So I’m posting here in hopes that this issue will float to the top of the postings and someone in community can provide an answer.