Changing date of photos

HI there When copy photos using the WD App from My Cloud to a Lexar USB flash drive connected at the back the NAS, it changes the date to the time of copying. I even tried to copy using my PC instead of the App and it seemed to do a similar thing. I should say that it seems to me that the actual ‘date taken’ attached to each file is the original date (I can see the ‘date taken’ by viewing the files using the FileBrowser app), but the date as listed under each file when viewed in the WD App is the date of copying.

If I copy the files over using either the FileBrowser or FileExplorer apps, it seems to work fine.

Is this just a bug in the WD App?

Hi, I have not seen this before, what happens if you transfer the pictures from the computer to the drive using Windows Explorer?

Probably a bug in the app. The mobile apps don’t respect the original file date or location of images when they backup to the MyCloud.

You’ll probably be much better off plugging the USB drive into whatever device you’re using to access the MyCloud (oh; as you’ve found), and copying that way. IME, the USB port is very slow.

Hi Iluna Windows Explorer seems to do something similar but not exactly the same. The dates seemed correct on Explorer when I copied them over to the flash drive but then when I looked at the photos on the flash drive through the WD App around two thirds of the dates were changed.

Thanks so much cpt_paranoia. It’s annoying because I back up any additions to My Cloud using a second hard drive at work and I’d like to be able to copy the files to a flash drive for easy transfer without having to crank up the PC to do so.

I upload my iPhone camera roll using the My Cloud app to My Cloud and do not have this problem; dates are same on NAS and in file properties.