Picture qulaity elements play 1tb

Hi guys wonder if u can help,  i have been playing mkv files 1080p but there  is a lot of jerking action going on with the picture.  The picture also breaks up quite a bit.  Also find if i attempt to fast forward certain files will just take me back to home screen.  the main problem for me is the jerking of the picture.  what file types should i be looking to play for the best quality vids this machine is capable of?   many thanks!!

This might be an issue with the code of the movie, post the media info of  one or your movie:



I’m sorry, I can’t help fix the problem, though I will say we were “meant” to have an update to fix the MKV issue. I only got my WD Elements Play recently and I was pleaseed when I read it plays MKVs. It meant no more hours converting the files. Wrong. It plays them, but with serious audio and video sync issues. Mis advertised to the MAX. :cry:

Well, all I can say is that I have an Elements Play with >1.5TB of MKVs and they all play perfectly (as long as I have the aspect ratio set to 4:3).  So it must be something to do with the encoding of your “MKVs”.