Periodical backups from WD MyCloud Mirror to USB-HD

In the following post is for “MyCloud Mirror” only, because I have just seen, that the backup-procedures are quit different  in the manual for the single-bay “MyCloud”.


I want to use my new My Cloud Mirror as Data-Drive to make me able to access the original workingdata from several computers in my LAN. For security reasons I would like to have periodical backups to a WD MyBook, that is connected by a USB 3.0 cable that goes through the wall to a differnt fire compartment of the building.

In the UI of my MyCloud Mirror I find a option to backup folders to a USB-drive. But instead of the options with internal or external backups to a second MyCloud (Mirror), I don´t find a possibility to start that backup-job at a different time or to repeat it periodically. Is there a possibility to do that, that I just don´t see?  For a single backup in the night, maybe I could use a power-switch with a timer. But how can I repeat that backup job periodically? Besides that, I guess that the MyCloud will not reduce power consumption to sleep-mode while all computers on my LAN are off and it is still waiting for the USB-Drive to get connected next time.

If I wanted to do the backups via a computer, I wouldn´t have needed a NAS. Some external USB-drives would have done, too. But I don´t want to have the additional LAN-traffic and the loss of computing-performance of my computer, when a NAS can do the job directly via USB.

If there is no option in the actual firmware - how can I forward my wish to do periodical backups to the responsible persons of future firmware updates?

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Hi Wein-Franke, welcome to the WD Community. Currently there is no option to schedule USB backups, but you can make any suggestions for future firmware updates in the ideas boards, this will be taken into consideration for future releases.

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I posted how to do this using SSH here:

       Re: My Cloud Mirror can’t backup to USB             


Thanks for your suggestion. SSH seems to be a mighty tool to manage a My Cloud Mirror by mysel. But as I read at other sites in that forum you can also destroy the system, if you use the wrong commands or switches. So for me that suggeston is like “Could you please land that aeroplane. I will tell you what to do on radio…”

As long as there is hope that there might be a chance to get that necessary function via firmware upgrade, I won´t give up product warranty by doing things, I am not supposed to do.

By the way, at the moment my MyCloudMirror cannot acces the connected MyBook or connect it to the LAN, although the MyBook is recognized as a USB-Drive at Dashboard. I sent that case to WD support more than 2 weeks ago, but I am still waiting for a appropriate solution. The loss of connectivity happend after a short lack of power at the MyBook. On the sites of this forum in German language I also reported about the case and somebody who owns a single-bay MyCloud told me, he knows the problem and his only solutions is to reformat the USB-Drive. He already had to do that 3 times. But that´s a solution that does not satisfy me.



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