Automatic backup of WD Cloud Mirror to an attached USB drive?

Is there a way to automatically schedule copy jobs which copy from the WD Cloud Mirror drives to the attached USB drive.  I see where you can set up the copy jobs but it appewars you have to manually run them.

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At the moment this is not possible. I recommend you post this in the ideas section.

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Are you referring to something different than a Safepoint?

How about AUTO START WHEN CONNECTED instead of copy?

That setting is in the new firmware.

My only concern is if it backs up automatically or does this feature  require disconnecting and reconnecting the external USB.

PERHAPS a WD person could weigh in.

Your link does not seem to work. I’m facing the same limitations and would like to suggest to have the possibility to schedule backups from NAS to USB in a new release of Cloud OS for My Cloud EX2.
Thanks you

That is such a huge turn off. I ordered an 8tb My Book Duo with the intention of using it as an auto back up point for my 8tb Mirror. I will say that of all the research I did on this, not assuming it could do scheduled back ups may have just killed this whole idea. It seems like such a simple thing for the mirror to NOT BE ABLE TO DO. I guess I will have to look for some $19.99 piece of ■■■■ apple software ( that is probably freeware on an HP) to get the job done.