Performed 40 second power off reset, cannot connect anymore

Hi there,

I have a My Cloud device which I have done a 40 second reset on it, however I cannot connect to the device. I have also changed my Router, however the reset has now got a DHCP allocated IP address and can ping the wdmycloud on my local network. Again I cannot open all of the content on the actual drive. I am really worried as I have a large amount of work and backups stored on this device.

I managed to connect via the IP address for a short period, however not I cannot. I also cannot connect to the UI either it comes up with an error saying the user account does not exist.

Also in my mycloud login it has retained the old NAS name, since I have done the reset it now shows as unavailable and will not allow me to remove it from there so I cannot re-register the freshly soft reset device.

Please can someone help me. I have no clue as to what I am doing.

Hey @War1ock,

Since you have performed 40 sec reset, device IP have been changed. Try to create a shortcut of the shares to access the data. Click Here for the steps.

Since the Dashboard shows “user account does not exist”, this is not a common error. you may try to access the Dashboard/UI using another browser or perform 4 sec reset.

If the issue persists, I will suggest you to contact Western Digital Support