Passport wireless pro SD import creates backup files and copies into wrong folder

i use the wireless pro drive to import data from the SD card.Import method is set to MOVE. I know that the drive creates a sub folder based on the date where it would do the import. So far so good
Here is the scenario:

Jan 30, i import a file "DJI-001.MP4 from the SD card. It’s stored on the drive under SD Card Imports\2017-01-30 \SanDisk SanDisk_SL32G-1 702c5\DCIM\100MEDIA

Now the SD card is empty. i take some videos and pictures from my camera on Jan 31

Jan 31,I again import two file “DJI-001.MP4” and “DJI-002.JPG”
The JPG files end up under “SD Card Imports\2017-01-31\SanDisk SanDisk_SL32G-1 702c5\DCIM\100MEDIA”

But the MP4 files goes under " SD Card Imports\2017-01-30 \SanDisk SanDisk_SL32G-1 702c5\DCIM\100MEDIA" and the original DJI-001.MP4 that was in the folder gets renames to “DJI_0001-backup-2017.01.31.1837”

Why is this happening? If the first sub folder with the data is unique, why arent all files from the SD card imported into that folder??

I don’t think that really explains the reasons. I’m not reformatting the card after every import.
Secondly, I can see that the wd passport already imports into folders that are named based on the date.
If an import is done every day, the imports should be going into the respective dated folder, regardless of the UUID or whatever non sense.
There is no reason for the drive to import in the previous days folder regardless of the file names or UUID etc… how do you explain that.

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I have also noticed a similar problem - I’m not reformatting the card, and I expected the directory structure to be “SD Card Imports\Date\Card ID\Data”, but it isn’t - files of later dates got copied under the card ID.

My files are video files manually imported from SanDisk SD cards recorded on a Sony FDR-AX53 video camera. These are brand names that should work flawlessly with the WD!

This totally makes this device unusable to the purpose I bought it, which is to store video during my trip abroad.

Please handle ASAP!

Hello, trying to understand this better. Thanks for the info by the way. From the description above, it sounds like the MPWP is treating photos and videos that has the same file name (but different extension) as the same file. Therefore, when it imports the content, it is treating it as a duplicate with the extended file name. Is that correct? Thanks.