SD Card Import - Folder names


Hi there,

I’ve had a look about the forums and can’t seem to find someone else describing this issue, so I’m hoping someone knows how to fix it.

I’m able to import the contents of my SD card to the MPWP without any problems. The SD contents appear in a folder called /‘SD Card Imports/ SanDisk SanDisk_SP128-1 a86a6/’ - which is a bit unfriendly, and I’ve no idea how to change this.

The main issue I’m having however, is it hasn’t put this data in to a folder by the current date. I was expecting to see a structure like ‘/SD Card Imports/ SanDisk SanDisk_SP128-1 a86a6/09-04/2018/’ Instead, when I navigate through to the long unfriendly folder ending a86a6, it just has a direct copy of the card contents (DCIM, MISC, PRIVATE e.t.c.)

I’ve seen other users describing the SD card import going in to a folder under the date.

How do I enable this? I’m using the 2Tb version and the latest IOS version app.




So there is no setting, and this could be made clear in documentation! Maybe I missed it :slight_smile:

I upgraded the firmware as a guess and it now imports in to folders as I want it to.