SD Import - which dirs?

I’m contemplating buying a “myPassport wireless” to backup my SD cards during a longer remote photo tour.
I have some questions I didn’t find an answer for:

  1. When I insert the same SD card on different days with added files and press copy: will only the new files being copied?
  2. Can someone post a directory layout (preferably the whole dir tree) for the case of point 1.?
  3. Is it possible - with an external USB card reader connected - to copy CF cards too?

Any help appreciated and regards, Hans

Hi hwkraus,

On connecting SD card with added files in My Passport Wireless, you will get “Copy Files” option to copy all files in My Passport Wireless device. Also you can enable “Automatic Import” from dashboard to copy all files from SD card automatically.
However, you can go with My Passport Wireless Pro or My Passport Wireless SSD to get option “Copy New” to copy new or updated files from SD card.

Contents of SD card will be stored in My Passport Wireless pro in the following hierarchy:
Root/SD Card Imports/[DATE OF IMPORT] (e.g. 2017–09–28)/[TIME OF IMPORT] (e.g. T17.32+05)/[UNIQUE CARD ID]/[Contents OF CARD] likely DCIM, then all subfolders and files. For example: Root/SD Card Imports/2017–09–28/ T17.32+05/SanDisk SanDisk_AFICH-1 c1564/DCIM/…