Passport Portable Drive Image Loading Issue (Loads Half a PNG Image) on File Explorer

I have a Passport Portable Drive since 2009. It’s model 3909A. For the last few months, it has been prompting me to scan the drive which I do almost every other day. It was not bad at the beginning, but now some of the images in PNG I have in this portable drive only load “part” way on File Explorer. I can’t do anything with these PNG files. Since this is the portable drive where I keep many of my designs, I am a bit troubled by it. Now that I am working on transferring files to a new portable drive, it stops me part way that image cannot be copied because it “cannot read the source disk.” I scan but it doesn’t fix it. I realize my blue passport is from 2009, but is there any thing I can do to fix it so I can transfer my files to my new drive? I have 385 GB worth of designs, files and important documents, so if anyone can offer advice, please let me know. Thank you.

Hello, you might want to try using a different USB cable and a different USB port. Also try checking the drive with the WD DLG to see if there are some sectors that are damaged.

Hello! Thanks for the response. I’ll give it a try. What does DLG mean? Sorry, I don’t always remember what these acronyms mean.