My Passport format required, can't access

I’ve been desperately trying to get access to all my files on the hard drive but have had absolutely no luck.
It was working fine then just one day my laptop stopped reading it and keeps telling me to format it.

I’ve tried doing the HDD Regenerator (trial version) and it “repaired” one bad sector but I’m not really willing to buy a program just to find out it won’t even work.
I’ve tried using TestDisk to get access again, doesn’t work still.
I also found out some people had luck booting into a OS like Ubuntu and got into their hard drives, I was still not able to access it.

According to the WD utilities it passes the SMART status, the quick test under DLG also passes.
I’m currently running the extended DLG test.

There’s got to be a way I can recover these files, if I plug the hard drive into my TV I have access to every file but it just refuses to work with the laptop.

Are you able to access the files from a different computer? If the uni is detected in your TV with all of your files then it could be a corrupted driver related to the operating system.

It didn’t let me access through another computer.
But I finished the extended DLG test and it detected and repaired the bad sectors, just deleted some files… no idea what though cause everything seems to be there still.