HDD crash


I just had a problem with a HDD plugged to my WD TV Live. It could not be read. Plugging it on a PC said it cannot read it and I should format it! I thought it was because of my HDD. So I tried to use a second HDD, on which I just put some files from my PC. And same thing! The WD TV Live could not read it, and the PC either!

I tried with a USB stick and it seems to work fine though.

I am wondering whether someone experienced this problem before? Do you see any way to recover my lost data? The PC can see the HDD, but when I want to read it says it is corrupted and unreadable. Maybe there is still a chance to recover the data? (hopefully)



You can format the drives and use any data recovery software to try to save your data. Be aware that you might not recover 100% of your data.

Regarding the WD TV corrupting the drives, what was the file system for your external drives?

Thanks for your reply.

I never had to do this, so I don’t know any data recovery software. I guess I can find some by googleing it, but do you have a good one to advise?

I don’t remember the file system. I think that the second one was NTFS, and I did not change the one of the first one. This first one is a Western Digital (essential my passport 500Gb), and I think I did not change it when I started to use it, this is the factory default one.



hi there

pls check  :

  • check for updateds [windows  and  hd media player]

  • scancheck your disc [checkdisk  tool bult in our windows os  ] 

  • format your disc [ntfs]

still failed ?



Hi Pawson,

Thanks for your reply. My windows 7 is up-to-date, and my HD media player too. I can’t access the checkdisk. I can only see the HDDs on my PC, but ‘windows can’t access the disk’ as it says.

I am afraid to loose my data for sure if I format the HDD. Am I wrong?




  • exactly [data are lost if formatted]

  • so - pls check - tryc to check the hd with the other soft available to check surface and structure of that partucular hd

  • if it is not possible - try use/search the content of this site for similar problems [there have been some of that sort]

  • revert back again if failed - shall think it over again for you.




edit : or - pls transform the data form allegibly corrupted hd to the other and format hd then [the one which seems corrupted] then check again…ok ?


I used a data recovery software, and have been able to recover most of my files.

Regarding the WD TV Live, I reset it to factory defaults, and it works fine now.

Thanks for your help.