Passport for Mac not mounting on any computers

My external HD has worked fine up until last night. I called customer support and the man was not helpful at ALL and actually very rude. He walked me through basic steps, that I had already tried then told me he was sorry but the drive has failed and there was nothing he can do. I told him that I had read on these forums about WD providing a product code for recovery software and he didn’t seem to understand what that even was let alone provide me with that assistance. My drive is under a year old or so, I’m hoping to get a different person call me back as I have filed an online service/help request.

It’s unfortunate your hard drive has failed, however, the “product code for recovery” is very likely not an official Western Digital software solution, and as such, it would explain why the support agent was unaware of it.

If stored data is a concern (No backup) then I’d recommend contacting a specialized data recovery service company:

On the other hand, after data retrieval process is completed you can submit an RMA replacement for free if under warranty on WD’s site:

same issue here

You should have asked to speak w/a supervisor and/or manager. My Passport For Mac is working just fine under Yosemite (10.10.5).

Which OS are you using?
Have you tried repairing permissions & restarting your computer afterwards???

I bought the Mac specific 2TB and it has not been recognised from time to time, but usually get it going after restart or updates. I’ve updated to Monterey and now it won’t mount at all. Can’t access what’s on it and can’t back up my computer. Would love to hear if anyone finds a solution. (repairing permissions failed)