Passport 4 TB can't connect to Mac, PC and Ex2 Ultra

Hi there,
I just bought a 4TB Passport WDBPKJ off Amazon to serve as an external backup to my EX2 Ultra.
Unfortunately when I connected it directly via USB to EX2, EX2 wasn’t able to discover the disk. The same with my personal Win 10 laptop, work Win 10 laptop and missus MacBook. I checked different USB ports on PC laptops but to no avail. Tested with the original USB cable only (the funny one with an extra bit).
I’ve read that some USB ports might be underpowered but what are the odds of this happening on three laptops? I was thinking about using a powered USB bridge but I’m not sure if this would help.

I can hear the drive working and the small white led is blinking. WD Drive Utilities doesn’t recognise the drive.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

i’d be trying to contact the Amazon seller … it all sounds too fishy