OS5 Update, Media Settings missing: MyCloudEX2Ultra,

Hi. After updating my MyCloudEX2Ultra, FW: 5.04.114, I can no longer enable DLNA streaming - at least, I cannot locate the setting.

Usually, DLNA / Streaming etc was found under Settings - and then “Media” configuration page; the “Media” page used to be listed below “Network” and above “Utilities” from the Settings page.

I followed the advice to reinstall a DLNA app like Twonky or Plex; however, even with those installed again along with shared-folders, access right etc all adjusted as before, there doesn’t appear to be a setting to enable DLNA.

Originally, all I had to do was enable DLNA from within the MyCloud interface, my TVs, which are all DLNA compliant, would be able to access all shared folders, and stream/play any video files in there.

Perhaps I am overlooking something, but any advice would be sorely appreciated.


@Sornim All of the media streaming options are now installed as a 3rd party app. IE: Twonky, iTunes Server, Backups. DLNA is enabled by default on Twonky but not Plex aand and must be managed using the App interface itself. Apps Tab → Select the App → Click Configure

I recommend using Plex app and not enable DLNA or choose Plex or Twonky instead of attempting to run both.

Ahhh, thank you. I’ve been unable to “log in” to Twonky, no matter what credentials I used, to see those options, but it’s good to know that that is where the setting are located … at least now I can move on to solving the log-in issue.

Many, many thanks for the quick, prompt, and information response.

@Sornim Twonky doesn’t have a login. When you click “Configure”, you should be redirected to http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:9000/webconfig

@SBrown, oh? When I click Apps - Twonky - Config, a Twonky page loads asking me to log in; however, when I manually enter http://192...***:9000/ it loads a page showing my NAS shared folders, which looks fine, but if I click “settings” I’m prompted again to log in, and I still can’t enable DLNA … now that I know logging in isn’t the issue, I’ll try a few things and post any updates for future reference.

@Sornim Can you post screenshots of what you are seeing after you click “Configure” including the URL in the browser ?

@SBrown. Yes, thank you, I’ll screen-cap each page as I go through the same process …


The first image here is the MyCloudEX2Ultra browser interface; I get there via Apps, and click Twonky from the left panel.

When I click on the “Configure” button this page pops up … as you can see, the URL is “”.

When I manually input this URL though “”, the Twonky page loads, showing my shared folders etc, but when I click on “settings” from that page (top right corner), then it loads the same “please sign in” prompt.

@Sornim Found this in Twonky Docs. Please let me know if this resolves your issue or not. https://docs.twonky.com/display/TF/Twonky+Server+FAQ+for+End-users

Thanks, I tried that to no avail, unfortunately. I read a potential solution though, further down that link, regarding deleting the server *.*ini file, but it’s not immediately obvious how that’s done, it states uninstalling Twonky removes those files, so I’m presuming there’s a /root dir that I need to remove or edit to avoid resetting the whole thing.

@SBrown. Okay, finally resolved the issue, and the error was in the “twonkyserver.ini” file, as mentioned in the link above:


That’s the short answer.

The “twonkyserver.ini” file inherited an old or random username and generated a rather weird looking number-string as a password—basically no chance of ever guessing those—meaning, performing a fresh install of Twonky or implementing a quick NAS reset didn’t repair the file, as it just copied the same credentials. In this instance the *.*ini file inherited three instances where “accessuser=” and “accesspwd=” had conflicting entries, so when NAS_IP:9000/webconfig was launched, the page endlessly requested sign-in credentials.

Once those entries are deleted, Twonky launches normally. Obtaining access to the “twonkyserver.ini” was a bit of a headache though.

Based on your reply, I’m guessing I don’t need Twonky on my EX4100 if I’ve installed Plex. Correct?

WD should not be taking away long established native functionality, and moving it to third party apps, that we then have to register with. The DLNA functionality was the primary reason that I spent hundreds of pounds on a MyCloudEX2Ultra.

Customers should have been warned that this functionality was being removed, so we could then decide not to update to OS 5. We can’t even rollback to OS 3. If this is the way that customers are treated, then I won’t be making any future purchases from WD


@GleasonFan That is correct, but Plex DLNA Media Server is disabled by default. You will not need it if the Plex client apps are used.

You’re missing the point. WD has removed native functionality that the product had at the time that it was purchased. If the MyCloudEX2Ultra didn’t have native DLNA functionality at the time that I bought it, then I never would have purchased it in the first place. We are now being forced to use third party apps, to get the same functionality that we already had. That is not good customer service


I agree with TychoClechu. I have been using this as a media server in my house via BlueRay players. I can no longer connect to the media server. This was an added feature for me, also, when I purchased this device. I do not like to us third party apps. I would like to see it reactivated in an upcoming patch.


I had a similar issue of breakage, but in my case, it was to android apps from Onkyo and Denon that allowed me to send FLAC files stored on the media server to the AVRs to enable multizone whole house audio. I’ve played Twonky enough so that I can “see” the folders and file structure in the PUBLIC Music area on both apps, and see the individual songs. Just cant get them to play through these two apps. Both broke with the update to OS5

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Hello all; I’m new to the WD community. I have a MC Mirror Gen2 and I use it a lot for streaming music to wireless Yamaha speakers using Music-cast which requires DNLA media service. I’m not tech-savvy and I’m reading much about people having issues with DLNA media server - this scares me and is keeping me from upgrading to OS5. Recommendations.

I had a similar issue, and with DLNA via Twonky, FLAC files wouldn’t stream, or it wasn’t supported. Also, unlike VLC, some software or hardware didn’t support FLAC streaming either. Although, transferring FLAC files works, as they’re on the local device and then playing them is fine; however, to stream music from a public-share without transferring them or using a different service, trancoding FLAC files to MP3s gets around the issue.

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Yes, I too agree. Like Netgear, you remove functionality without regard to your consumers and the implications. Twonky, for example, does not allow pausing of content played on my Sony Media Player, whereas the original version of the My Cloud EX2 supported all the player functions. The Netgear Stora can no longer even contact the web site required to log-in to the device. Hope you don’t pull something like like the next time you upgrade your product’s OS…

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