OS5 Update, Media Settings missing: MyCloudEX2Ultra,

I’m accessing MKV files on my EX4100 via a WDTVLive, mainly because the WDTVLive will pass thru HD bitstream audio to my receiver. After a bluray rip, I would use WDTVHub to acquire movie info (a jpg and an xml file) and drop all 3 files onto the NAS. The WDTVLive would then display the movie info (i.e. actors, time, ratings, ect). However, since OS5, I can see a thumbnail of the movie and play it fine, but none of that other info ever shows. And I’ve tried both Twonky and Plex to no avail.

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Did I understand correctly that DLNA option will not come back as native?
So I’ve waisted money to this “DLNA supported” device. Will never buy WD products any more. Thanks for “Great” service!!!


Twonky works awful! When you get back native function???

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YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS! When I bought this device, expressly for the purpose of having a DLNA media server, I HAD TO FLIP ONE SWITCH TO ACTIVATE THE DLNA! Now I am WASTING HOURS OF MY TIME trying to figure out these new Plex and Twonky apps? This may be the single most stupid thing I have ever seen a technology company do to utterly screw up an OS update. PUT THE DLNA SWITCH BACK IN THIS OS IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL BE LOSING A LOT OF BUSINESS. MORONS!

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@dswv42 There is no DLNA button on OS 5!

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Did anybody try to enable SMBv1 and NTLMv1 authentication on the My Cloud?
My Cloud OS 5 defaults to SMBv2, SMBv3 and NTLMv2 authentication. Therefor some devices using SMBv1 can’t access the media via the TwonkyServer.

WD has removed native functionality that the product had at the time that it was purchased. If the MyCloudEX2Ultra didn’t have native DLNA functionality at the time that I bought it, then I never would have purchased it in the first place. We are now being forced to use third party apps, to get the same functionality that we already had. That is not good customer service.
You do not deserve my fildelity with WD products.

What. In the Actual. Fraaaaack!

I just upgraded my EX2 Ultra from 03 to 05, and now my Samsung TV can’t find the shared folders…

I spent the last 3 HOURS checking, rechecking, rerechecking, installing, uninstalling, trying to figure out what i did wrong. Just to find out… i did nothing wrong!!!

Somebody at WD should lose his f’ing job.

Put that DLNA feature BACK Asap. Frack twonky. Frack Plex and their lifetime subscription at 99 euros.

Are you f’ing dmb dmbs ?

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Please refer to the following KBA that explains how to address this issue.

My Cloud OS 5: DLNA Media Server Not Detected After Update

Answer ID 29630

My God… A mediaserver that not accept DLNA is totally stupid. I´m done with WD

Hi there i am having a same problem and need to delete initial file. How do I do it

My Cloud OS 3 had Twonky DLNA Media Server included as part of the firmware as well as USB Backups, Camera Backup and others. This has changed in My Cloud OS 5. In My Cloud OS 5 Twonky DLNA media server is still available, only installable as an alternate app same as USB Backup and others.

Totally Agree.