OS5 Remote BackUp Odd Directory Creation

I have used my PR4100s for Remote BackUps for a long time. With OS5 I had to recreate all the backups and now I have bizarre directory trees and multiple copies of the same backup. I have wiped it all out and started again and still the weirdness persists:

BackUp name: BU
Source name: Daily
Source Directory: My Stuff (with 5 subdirs under it holding files).
Target Directory: BackUp

On Target I end up with:

  • Daily
  •  Backup
  •       Backup
  •            My Stuff
  •                 Sub Dir 1
  •                 Sub Dir 2
  •                 Sub Dir 3
  •                 Sub Dir 4
  •                 Sub Dir 5
  •                 My Stuff
  •                      Sub Dir 1
  •                      Sub Dir 2
  •                      Sub Dir 3
  •                      Sub Dir 4
  •                      Sub Dir 5

I have multiple copies of every file and no idea which is the most recent back up.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a cure?

Running firmware: 5.06.115 and FRemote Back Up 1.18

@WDTraveler Thanks for reporting the issue with Remote Backup directory structure.
Are you using Copy or Synchronize backup type?

Copy, using Remote BackUp One set is within the same network on a different PR4100, the other my offsite storage PR4100. Same behavior.

@WDTraveler The Backup -> Backup issue has been duplicated and will be fixed in a future Remote Backup apps release. I cannot duplicate the Subdir -> Subdir that you have indicated using COPY or SYNC backup but I have logged a case with dev.

Can you give me more details of your Remote Backup job?
IE: are you doing single SOURCE selection or Multiple SOURCE selection?
If multiple, can you give me some idea of that that looks like?

Both. The same behavior exists both ways.
Multiple: 5 shares, each with multiple sub dirs.